Frequently Asked Questions

Why must you have to be 18 years old to join

Because dating interactions are involved, even if they may be only 3D interactions with avatars, minors cannot participate in such activities that might lead to real dating. This is to protect minors from engaging in dating activities with adults (i.e., 18 years or older).

So this is like an online dating site, but with 3D characters?

That's correct.

How is different over other online dating sites?

Well, it's pretty much the same, except you get to interact through 3D characters in real-time and at a variety of locations. But we expect you to maintain the same code of behavior and treat each other with respect, and to refrain from any offensive communication.

"Online daters who go on virtual dates are twice as likely to take it to a second date."

How can I deactivate my account?

So maybe you've decided you no longer need this site or feel this is not for you. Or you just want to explore other options and make a getaway from site. OK, click here

How can iVirtual help me find a great partner for real dating?

The site and platform provide a safe and fun way for you to gauge and evaluate how people on virtual dates will act while on real dates. Virtual dating provides subtle clues and insights into personality and character.

How long does a virtual date last?

An iVirtual date can last as long as the conversation and encounter continues, and may end when one virtual dater wishes to leave the date or session. Always try to conclude each session politely and on a good note.

The average duration of a virtual date is between 15-40 minutes.

How can I report an offensive or abusive iVirtual dater?

Send a message describing the situation and the name or profile of this person to

What happened to my photos? Have they been deleted?

They've been deleted only if you didn't follow the guidelines of acceptable photos for your profile showing your real identity and not your avatar.

I know how you can improve your app and site. Who do I contact?

Fantastic! We're always looking for feedback and constructive criticism. You can contact "Contact" (a real person) at

What happened? Things are working right. I can't access anything. The features don't work right. I'm supposed to meet the love of my life, or I'm missing out an incredible romantic experience?

We hear you. Please don't panic. Most likely we already are aware of the problem and we are working to get you back to VirtualDating To accelerate resolving this problem, please email us at and let us know what happened, when it happened, and was this random, or has it happened in the past.

How can I partner or invest with your company?

Cool – please just send a detailed message to

Who can I contact if I have a media or press inquiry?

Please send a brief message to