iVirtual® is a fun and safe way to start a relationship with online virtual dating before meeting in person for real.

  • Date other online singles in a fast easy and safe way
  • Create your avatar to express how you feel
  • Let you avatars interact in cool venues, such as Paris, Bali, the Caribbean, London, Rio (wherever your imagination takes you)
  • Expand your boundaries and explore
  • Communicate through chat and utilize the display emoticons for letting your avatars react, gesture, and perform actions, such as touching hands, yawning, kissing, laughing, and flirting
  • Check out your virtual date's profile to spark some conversation
  • Meet other online singles from all over the world
  • Get creative and have an amazing experience

Establish a sense of familiarity prior to making a physical and emotional investment, and have lots of fun by letting your avatars interact in cool venues, such as a bistro in Paris, a beach spot, a park, among other unique online dating venues.

Start your online virtual dating adventure!

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